Designed to showcase the skill and showmanship of four performers, lumberjack shows feature a range of events, including such proven crowd-pleasers as pole climbing, chain saw carving, axe throwing, speed chopping, and speed sawing. These lumberjack skills are demonstrated using costumes, props, story-telling, music, and audience participation. Lumberjack shows are typically held outdoors because many of the events require large open spaces. Indoor events are also an option with modifications.

Competition Consulting

Working in conjunction with special event organizers, associations or community groups, this service includes all planning strategies, technique and equipment expertise for running a lumberjack skills competition, amateur or professional. Competition size, structure, and skill levels are decisions made by the sponsoring groups.

Lumberjack Theme Parties

Working in conjunction with convention coordinators and meeting organizers, lumberjack theme parties provide live entertainment featuring an era that is a large part of our Canadian heritage. Complimented by live musical entertainment, professional skill demonstrations, audience participation, contests, costumes and tales of larger than life legends, lumberjack them parties are unique packages that can be tailored to any group of any size.